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Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer

Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike is one of the best spin bike in the fitness, among the Schwinn indoor cycle category. Spin bikes have been around from as far as 20 years ago and have continued to evolve with time. Professional instructors, fitness enthusiasts, cross trainers, athletes and healing patients all get to benefit from the uses and functionalities of the outdoor bike alternatives. An average Schwinn spin bike is able to help cyclists to burn a maximum of 600 calories within 35 minutes.

Following spin bike reviews are taken from surveys all over the world, the professional level trainer is one of the most unique, of high quality, versatile and dependable spin bikes around. The trainer is able to withstand large weights while ensuring a productive workout session.

About Schwinn Company

Based in the United States of America, the Schwinn Bicycle Company was established in 1895. Its wide range of fitness products includes road bikes, urban bikes, hybrid bikes, spin bikes, mountain bikes and other made for gym equipment.

The Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike is sold by Unique Fitness Concepts, in liaison with

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Features of Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer

Virtual Contact Resistance Technology

In order to simulate a real outdoor cycling experience, the Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike uses a series of 6 magnets and an aluminum disc. This creates a vigorous and intense cycling workout. The 6 sets of magnets move towards and away from the flywheel. The closer they get to the heavy duty flywheel, the tougher it is to pedal. The whole operation is contact-less and no heat is generated since there the resistance is contact free. This serves to save wear and tear and reduces pedal revolutions per minute.

The Virtual Contact Resistance system is noiseless and ensures that the parts will be durable. This eliminates the need for replacements while ensuring that the system is maintenance free. The array of magnets is covered to ensure that they are not subjected to the corrosive effects of sweat.

Smart Release Safety System

This innovative system on the Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike enables the user to experience coasting on demand. When the rider pedals back slightly or holds their feet firm, the flywheel free-wheels. This is a unique feature not found in competing for spin bikes.

Schwinn Fit System: Flexibility Redefined

The proprietary Schwinn Fit system is an integral part of the Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike. It allows flexibility through the use of an innovative micro-pin adjustment for an accurate sitting position. The handle bar and seat mechanisms are able to move in a front and back direction in keeping with the bikes fore/aft functionality.

The dual density seats and newly designed ergonomic handlebars can be set in three different positions which are marked neutral, plus and minus.

Solid Construction

The bike is well designed with superior zinc plated steel frames. This allows the spin bike to withstand corrosion and thus conferring durability. The solid stainless steel posts and sliders are highly resistant to the effects of rust.

The dual high foam density saddle perfectly blends performance and comfort. The advanced high inertia chain drive uses a forged steel crank and an ISIS-over-sized button bracket.

Superior Performance and Comfort

The heavy duty flywheel in conjunction with a forged steel, high inertia chain drive coupled with an ISIS button bracket creates a smooth authentic rider experience. Beneath the stabilizer bars of the Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike, an indoor trainer is a set of leveling feet which allow the spin bike to be used on rough or uneven surfaces.

The newly designed performance handlebars have two convenient integral water bottle holders. The handlebars also have a provision for a portable MP3 player. The trainer has integral fans to confer a needed cooling effect on the rider.

The dual pedaling system is ergonomically designed with the rider in mind. One side fits SPD shoes while the other has two toe baskets with adjustable tightening straps.

MPower Echelon Console

The console has an LCD display with a button operated backlight. It has an on/off button which serves to lengthen battery life. It accurately measures RPM (Cadence), heart rate, STAGE time and TOTAL time elapsed. It has multiple tracking and progress options which include a convenient USB port and it employs wireless ANT+ protocol technology. Using the console, users can upload their statistics to a personal computer via a USB card in a simple CSV format.

The Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike is compatible with the MPower console, an optional accessory.

Product Specifications and Dimensions

The Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike has an overall width of 20 inches with a height of 48 inches and a length of 43 inches.

It has an overall weight of 126 pounds (56 kilograms) and can support users weighing up to 300 pounds. The Schwinn spin bikes’ flywheel has a weight of 40 pounds.

The indoor trainer is able to support users with different heights ranging from 4’11” to 6’8” (150-203 cm).

It is primarily available in a deep silver color.

Its galvanized steel frame comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years while the mechanical and electronic parts are covered by a 1-year warranty. A 6-month warranty adequately covers wear and tear parts.

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Pros of Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer

  1. Low maintenance costs.
  2. High quality at an affordable price
  3. Heavy flywheel for increased stability
  4. Easy to use LCD display
  5. Simple assembly and set up
  6. Sturdy frame
  7. Relatively quiet operation
  8. Convenient transportation wheels
  9. Low impact cardio workout.
  10. Good for beginners and professionals
  11. Perfect 170 mm Q-factor for efficient ride position
  12. Flexible, comfortable dual padded seat


  1. Heavy design
  2. No workout programs
  3. Quite expensive
  4. Not suitable for users over 300 pounds.
  5. Noisy chain-drive system.
  6. Optional Console bought separately.

Consumer Ratings and Reviews

Amir Rahman, a very satisfied Amazon customer says The Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike is a superior quality spin bike. He found it quite easy to assemble as all one needs to do is to attach the handlebar seats, feet, and pedals to the 80 % pre-assembled unit. He said that if consumers are looking for high quality and durability in one package, this is certainly the best spin bike available that meets these criteria.

M. Leck, another Amazon customer says it has a very smooth ride, is well constructed and has a generally great feel.

B. Olgin says it is a brilliant spin bike and is quite easy to assemble as a large of the package arrives pre-assembled.

One particularly dissatisfied consumer, however, pointed out that the handlebars and pedals were a challenge to assemble.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Hi, I would like to know if I can disable the Smart Release feature.

A: Yes, you can disable the feature with a simple and easily available tool like a screwdriver. It only takes a few seconds.

Q: Is it possible to swap the crank arm and the crank length on the Schwinn AC trainer?

A: Unfortunately, that it not possible. They are designed to complement each other in an optimal way. The crank design is quite unique in Schwinn spin bikes.

Schwinn AC Sport indoor cycle trainer Prices

This is a superior bike with a reasonable price and gives a phenomenal discount on this bike (Click to check today’s discounted price). Amazon ships the spin bike free of charge. The optional MPower console comes at an additional cost.

Conclusion/Final Verdict

The Schwinn AC Sport Indoor Cycle Trainer bike is a durable and highly effective piece of fitness equipment with great features like coasting and magnetic resistance which allow riders to have intensive workout sessions. The lack of a preset workout program and its steep price may be a disappointment for novices. It, however, makes up for these drawbacks by providing an authentic gym experience from the comfort of one’s home.

It is a very high-quality trainer and is one of the best spin bikes in its class. It is a highly rated and recommended high-quality fitness accessory based on multiple spin bike reviews.

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