Best Spin Bike Reviews with Ultimate Guideline 2018

About Spin Bike

Spin bikes, introduced in the 1980’s by legendary athlete Jonathan Goldberg are stationary indoor cycling bikes tailored for cardiovascular, fitness, physiotherapy sessions and workout regimens. Endurance cyclist Johnnie G together with John Baudhuin, a fellow cyclist redesigned the conventional stationary bike to be more ergonomic while incorporating the geometry of a racing bike, to come up with what is now known as a spin bike.

Spin bikes give out a similar high energy bike riding experience with their outdoor counterparts, with the added advantage of being stationary in an indoor environment away from the effects of weather and outdoor dangers. Based on several spin bike reviews, the best spin bikes are lightweight with great carrying capacity, have a small footprint and are gentle on the joints.

These toned down versions of outdoor racing and road bikes, acquired their stationary design basis in the 1980s. These are still popular to date among fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and physiotherapy applications.

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Why should you opt for a spin bike?

  1. It is suitable for all fitness levels regardless of age, sex, body size and weight.
  2. Maximal adjustability and flexibility as seats and handlebars can be adjusted.
  3. Can exercise while seated or standing.
  4. Durable crank, chain and flywheel mechanism.
  5. No monthly gym memberships or fees.
  6. Confers stamina and strength to users while building large muscle leg groups.
  7. Improved overall cardiovascular health, specifically lungs and heart by increasing the overall metabolism rate.
  8. Low maintenance cost and minimal recurrent expenditures.
  9. Quite easy to assemble and setup while relatively easy to use.
  10. Small footprint, hence occupies minimal space.
  11. Compact and portable design allow easy relocation.
  12. Heavy flywheel design ensures the effective reduction in body fat and calories.
  13. Has an integral console and computer display to monitor fitness workout parameters?
  14. Best spin bikes allow an overall workout of most body muscle groups effectively in one workout session.

Advantages and Benefits of Spin Bike

  1. Safety and Dependability

Spin bike riders are usually confined to indoor environments which may be a gymnasium setting or the confines of their own home. In this regard, spin bike users are thus insulated from weather elements such as rain, hot sunny days, snowy conditions or chilly weather. Spin bikes enable their users to carry out their fitness sessions comfortably, regardless of outdoor conditions.

They are also safe from the inherent dangers associated with their outdoor counterparts who may be susceptible to road traffic accidents or injuries arising from falls. Spin bikes are more dependent than outdoor bicycles. Those may be prone to inconveniencing punctures and time-consuming breakdowns or repairs.

Spin bike riders are free from the prospect of being alert and constantly aware of potential environmental dangers. They do not need to wear stifling riding helmets. They feature toe cage designs on the pedals to avoid foot slippage and accidents associated with the same. The bikes have levelers to allow them to be used even on uneven surfaces.

  1. Improved Overall Health

Spin bikes are able to help riders improve their overall cardiovascular health by increasing their overall metabolic rates. During workout sessions on spin bikes, cyclists are able to lower their overall heart rate, especially when faced with physically exerting day-to-day tasks. They are able to improve lung capacity and anxiety. They confer muscular endurance and stamina on the users.

The major muscle groups of the lower limbs which include hamstrings, quadriceps and calve muscles, also benefit from effective workout sessions on the spin bike as their tone improves. It also helps build abdominal muscles when the riders adopt side to side motions while leaning forward.

The knees and lower back pains of spin bike riders benefit from regular workout sessions. They are markedly reduced depending on the posture that the cyclist adopts.

On average, best spin bikes are able to effectively aid the user to burn off between 400 to 500 kcal in less than 40 minutes.

  1. Cost Effective and Affordable

Spin bikes are relatively cheaper to maintain than their expensive gym counterparts. They are definitely cheaper than other fitness equipment like ellipticals and treadmills. They require minimal maintenance as opposed to the outdoor bikes which require regular service and lubrication.

  1. Keep Tabs on Workout Session

Modern best spin bikes have computer consoles and digital displays that enable the cyclist to keep track, compare, record and analyze their fitness workout statistics. They give readings on various parameters such as distance covered, time elapsed, overall heart rate, calories burnt and speed among others.

  1. Comfort and Overall Experience

Spin bikes typically feature well-padded seats and have an integrated water bottle holder to aid in hydration of the cyclist. Some of these bikes have a provision where the cyclist can place their smart phone or mp3 players. Spin bikes also allow the cyclists to read a book, magazine, watch TV or even listen to the radio while working out.

Best spin bikes generally leave the rider with an upright posture after riding having relieved muscular back pain. The spin bike workout, especially in a group setting leaves the cyclist motivated and more confident.

  1. Individualized Workout Sessions

Spin bike users can effectively tailor the bike to suit their workout session. Some feature magnetic resistance technology to make the session more difficult as rider’s progress in order to improve their strength and stamina. The cadence or pedaling speed can also be altered; the optimal cadence for a seated flat posture should be 95 revolutions per minute.

They also have a preprogrammed feature which allows users to set fitness goals. They have objectives which are constantly tracked and monitored.

Users can control the frictional pressure on the integral flywheel by adjusting the tension dial in order to suit their workout sessions. Beginners can start with basic resistance levels and gradually increase these as they improve their stamina and strength.

  1. Durability

Modern spin bikes typically feature strong tubing, steel frames and the incorporation of durable, lightweight materials like aluminum. This ensures the bikes to be long-lasting as they are not subject to corrosive effects. Since the bikes are used indoors. The moisture from rainfall does not affect the bikes in terms of rusting through the frame design is galvanized to curb these effects.

Best Features and Specifications to Consider When Purchasing a Spin Bike

Spin bikes are some of the modern fitness workout alternatives to outdoor bikes. They come in ergonomic and aesthetically appealing designs while incorporating safety features, adjustability, comfort and other user-friendly attributes.

According to the best spin bike reviews, the best spin bikes have solid construction, adjustable parts, easy to ride mechanisms, low maintenance and affordable. There are many factors that come into play when shopping and choosing the best spin bike. These factors depend on the rider’s fitness ambitions, body weight, mobility, storage, and price.

  1. Construction Material and Parts

Steel, aluminum, heavy-duty bolts, straps and other rotating parts make a spin bike more durable and require less maintenance. Thicker parts tend to be more resilient and ensure that the purchased bike is durable.

  1. Flywheel WeightSpin Bike reviews

Flywheels function well to provide inertia for the rider’s bike when spinning motions end. Individuals with different weight levels will need different flywheel technology to accommodate their different body mass levels. Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts will have to understand their body resistance levels and take into account the flywheel size, weight and adjustability.

  1. Spin Bike ReviewsSpin Bike Handlebars

It is imperative that riders remain comfortable. It is also well-balanced in order to operate at their maximum level. Adjustments should be made accordingly to ensure that the rider’s muscles are being used to enhance overall performance. Riders should consider the positioning of the seat in relation to the handlebars and pedals. A slight displacement will give the rider an uncomfortable riding session. It is always wise to consider the user’s height, build and positioning before purchasing the spin bike.

  1. Adjustable SeatSpin Bike Reviews

In order to have an optimized fore-apt position, the rider should critique the spin bikes adjustable seat mechanism. This is achieved by properly ensuring that both the angle and height of the seat are easily adjustable because not all spin bike brands have adjustable seats.

  1. Spin Bike ReviewsOn Screen Display

Modern and more sophisticated spin bikes come with high-tech LCD screen readouts. The cyclists can use to record mileage, speed heartbeats and keep track of their workout regimens while keeping them dedicated to their goals. However, only the more expensive spin bikes accommodate this feature, therefore, it would be wise to take your budget into consideration before purchasing.

  1. Optional Accessories

Cyclists and fitness enthusiasts tend to get fatigued and exhausted after long workouts. This is where water bottle holders, MP3 player pads, and other accessories provide a better experience for the rider.

  1. Chain Drive and Belt Drive Models

There are there are two unique drive mechanisms that are built into spin bikes. The first type uses a conventional chain that resembles outdoor bikes. The major difference is that some best spin bikes use tough rubber belts rather than metal. This is important, considering that users will not have to arm themselves with oil and grease when performing maintenance on the chain.

Upon continuous and prolonged use, rubber belts start to decompose and end up wearing out. The user should consider this before choosing the mechanism as it will depend on their overall budget, workout intensity, and replacement capabilities.

  1. Overall Resistance

When considering a spin bike to purchase, resistance is of utmost importance to the rider’s output it primarily comes in two types,

  • Friction Resistance and
  • Magnetic Resistance

Some spin bikes come with a brake pad also known as a friction pad which distributes resistance to the spinning wheel. This, in turn, makes it harder to rotate while producing moderate noise. Friction pads, come cheaper than the more stable magnetic pads.

Magnetic spin bikes come with static ceramic magnets and variable magnets. The choice between these primary resistance mechanisms is subjective. Home cyclists should go for the variable magnetic pad model that is best for families. Single bike users should get a spin bike with variable difficulty in order to keep up with their rising performance. For the already fit user who wants to maintain a certain level, spin bikes with magnetic resistance are favorable due to their easily adjustable difficulty.

  1. Overall Q-Factor

Q factor is the overall distance between the crankshafts and pedals to help bikers ensure that distance cut through by feet during rotation is ideal. Adjusted Q factor makes bike riding healthier due to less knee damage.

  1. Transport Wheels

It is important for the bike rider to take into account the type of wheels that the spin bike is sold with. Tough wheels provide firm ground grip. Some spin bikes are very heavy and the wheels should be able to accommodate the bikes weight for easy mobility.

  1. Noise and Storage

Spin bikes come in different sizes. Users should consider their house arrangements and locate free space for the bike prior to making a purchase. Opt for a belt drive spin bike, which is relatively quiet when compared to chain drive types. Make sure the bike is compact for easy storage

  1. Price

The Spin bikes which are perfect for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, physiotherapists and home users will come in different price range. The low-priced bikes will have fewer features and are best suited for cyclists who are just starting out. Heavy flywheels and better adjustability features and overall high-performance training features will make a spin bikes increase in price. The price range around goes between the US $ 100 to US $ 2000 dollars.


Fitness enthusiasts engaged in long workouts should consider the magnetic resistance system bikes. Informal riders should opt for the spin bikes that have lower resistance. Cyclists who want to bring their outdoor experience inside should know prior to purchasing a spin bike, to look at the warranty offers, ease of use and overall performance, so as to make a well-informed choice. The best spin bikes should have all these characteristics, balanced with affordability. Optional accessories are also sold separately by the respective retailers and cyclists are advised to choose wisely to avoid problems in the future.

Some Best Spin Bikes Which are Recommend by Editor

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike (#Editor’s Choice)

Spin Bike Reviews

Price Range: (>>Check Price)

Designed by a world-renowned reputable company that has been in business for a long time, this great spin bike has stellar pedaling resistance that only resembles outdoor racing.

According to indoor cycle reviews, the bike has a 40-pound flywheel made of high-quality material and is heavily built to assist in pedaling resistance. It has a sturdy crank and chain drive system that ensures its reliability, especially when it comes to holding maximum rider weights of up to 300 pounds. It has a solid adjustable resistance knob and adjustable seat mechanism.

The Sunny seat mechanism is padded and wide thus greatly enhances riders comfort levels. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the most affordable and the best spin bikes. With its sturdy construction, you can assure that it can carry you safely while you are pedaling in any position you desire while exercising with the machine.

This bike has a safety pedal design that will enable you to secure your feet while pedaling. It has a well-designed safety mechanism that allows the spin bike rider to stand up with the pedal lessening the chance of foot slippage and injury. It weighs 108 pounds, supported by stable wheels that allow for easy transportation and make storage easier.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike (SF-B901) is definitely a pocket-friendly spin bike despite its notable functionalities and features. By the indoor bike reviews, this is the best spin bikes for home use.

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Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike (#Editor’s 1st Recommendation)

Spin Bike Reviews

Price Range: (>> Check Price)

It has superb and consistent construction using high-grade materials with a sturdy frame. It requires self-assembly which is relatively easy thanks to it’s detailed and easy to understand user manual. It is lightweight weighing only 49 pounds and is one of the easiest spin bikes to fold up.

This bike has been one of the best spin bikes in terms of sales, accessories and inquisitions in the past months due to its affordability and function. The majority of online spin bike reviews have praised the bike for its budget-friendly appeal and overall durability.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse has a fully functional pulse heart rate monitor that is built into its handlebars and a large LCD display that indicates targeted workouts and schedules.

Its large padded seat can accommodate up to 300 pounds and can be used by both sexes of various heights from 5 ft. 3 inches to 6 ft. 3 inches respectively. It has 8 levels of resistance and caters primarily to beginners and intermediate users. It is quiet and comfortable. It can easily be folded for storage.

It has a large pedal with fully adjustable straps that enhance safety by tightly holding the feet to prevent foot slippage. It is one of the most comfortable and light duty upright bikes that easily beating the competition.

Check Price on Amazon Read Full Review

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Trainer Exercise Bike (#Editor’s 2nd Recommendation)

Spin Bike Reviews

Price Range: (>> Check Price)

The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Stationary Trainer Exercise Bike is widely known as the most advanced, technologically superior spin bike brand. It has combines design, performance, and durability.

This sturdy indoor spin bike comes with a computer dashboard, Shimano pedals, fully adjustable handlebars and seats making it the most convenient indoor trainer for all users. It is a lightweight, compact and its on-board computer allows you to record and analyze heart rate, calories burned, and speed and distance parameters. It has a step by step manual that makes it easy to use.

The bike has strong resistance levels and tension packed into a compact and portable spin bike. The 85-pound indoor trainer comes in a polished aluminum with sleek textures. It uses a high-quality magnetic resistance system with 24 gears.

This system guarantees limited mechanical noise while the pedals are in motion. It is easy to maintain and even easier to assemble as assembly can take up to 20 minutes. This quiet top-notch bike encompasses cutting edge technology hence its expensive price.

The bike surely makes up for it due to the fact that it is among the few elite options tailored for beginners and professional cyclists. It is definitely the leader of the pack when it comes to spin bikes and comes with a warranty that further proves how committed and assured the Keiser team are in this otherwise top-notch product. To know more about Keiser spin bike reviews, read the full reviews.

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BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike (#Editor’s 3rd Recommendation)

Spin Bike Reviews

Price Range: (>> Check Price)

BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike is a professional quality indoor cycling bike, a perfect choice for people who want a low impact, cardio intensive workout regimen. It is a relatively quiet and efficient spin bike that takes up the least space wherever it is stationed. It has a heavy flywheel for controllable resistance, a strong belt drive and friction resistance coupled with a comfortable seat and stellar bike pedals.

This bike was built for both tall and short people of various heights. It can hold a weight of up to 300 pounds. One of the downsides to BodyCraft SPX is that it does not come with an on-board computer that helps to monitor heart-rates and the cost might be on the expensive side. This is a downside for beginners, however the remaining great features definitely make up for it.

The quiet belt drive system will help a lot of late night indoor trainers work out aggressively in the comfort of their homes without disturbing their neighbors. It is lightweight and sturdy, durable and has micro-adjustments that enhance comfort after customizing the seat.

The bikes handlebars are also well padded for efficient grip. It is well constructed and provides the rider with a smooth overall low impact cardio workout that suits both novices to experienced riders. The BodyCraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the best spin bikes that cater for home or gym fitness regimens.

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Schwinn 170 Upright Bike (#Editor’s 4th Recommendation)

Spin Bike Reviews

Price Range: (>> Check Price)

Schwinn 170 Upright bike is a follow-up bike that was launched after its landmark Schwinn 130 bike. It is loaded with 29 powerful workout routines and 25 levels of resistance which are good for different height and weight of fitness enthusiasts. It has a relatively small footprint of only 41 x 21 inches with extra accessories that are not commonplace like its integrated speakers, a workout fan and a coffee cup holder.

Some of these programs are highly advanced and cater well to gym instructors and experienced riders. Schwinn spin bike has a built-in shelf on the display console which can allow riders to read novels, fitness guides or watch their favorite TV shows on their smartphones and tablets while engaged in their riding sessions.

Recorded workout information can also be uploaded using a USB drive to the Schwinn Connect website for specified tracking and updates. The USB port on the console also has a port that allows users to charge small portable devices like smartphones and MP3 players. It is robust and delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

According to most spin bike reviews, home riders and gym instructors who have had the chance of purchasing this indoor trainer claimed. It was the best spin bike they had used. It is durable, affordable and sturdy. Wheels are mounted to the 170 Upright Bike for easy transport.

The Schwinn 170 is easy to assemble, robust and provides a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride best suited for family, friends and enthusiastic gym members. Schwinn 170 Upright bike is a sophisticated, stylish and technologically superior product that is safe, sturdy and comfortable all at an affordable price.

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Important Things to Consider Before Your Spin Session

Spin Bike ReviewsSpin bike riding is one of the most exhilarating, endearing and beneficial activities in relation to modern fitness. Buying and using a spin bike is one thing. The mentality behind using spin bikes is another. There are important things to consider like saving costs, avoiding unnecessary breakdowns and can be covered by all levels of fitness enthusiasts. When analyzing the best spin bike reviews, take these facts into consideration to select the best spin bikes available.


The spin bike rider should engage in an appropriate warm-up session and stretching exercises to prepare their bodies, specifically the cardiovascular system for the vigorous workout session. The rider should get to the spin bike class early enough to ensure that the spin bike is ready and available for use.

Appropriate Clothing

The spin bike rider should wear appropriate fitness apparel. It is important to consider sweat wicking clothes which do not accumulate moisture and sweat. The clothes should be tight-fitting to avoid loose, hanging fabric. Tank tops and padded bike shorts would be a good idea. Spin bike riders should avoid wearing baggy loose-fitting clothes.

Suitable Foot Wear

Suitable spin shoes should be considered. They should be able to clip onto the pedals comfortably. This ensures that the rider’s feet literally become part of the bike. The rider will be able to make use of their gluteal muscles and hamstrings effectively since they are able to pull themselves up.

Bike Setup

The spin bike seat should be adjusted to an optimal position which allows proper knee extension. The rider should be able to grip the handlebars comfortably and keep note of the distance between the handlebars and the seat. Their knees should be positioned directly above the forefeet.

Ideal Posture

The rider should ensure that their upper body is relaxed and comfortable. Their hands should have a flexible and comfortable grip on the handlebars. Their shoulders should be loose while their necks should be elongated while keeping a straight back.

Personal Expectations

The riders should keep an open mind and develop a positive mental attitude before the spin session. They should identify their personal fitness limitations and tailor their workout sessions within reason. They should avoid comparison with other riders to avoid disappointment and lowered morale. They should follow the trainer’s instructions to the letter and raise queries when necessary.

Spin Bike Maintenance

  1. Lubricate the chain mechanism regularly to ensure smooth and flawless operation.
  2. Wipe down the spin bike after every session to avoid corrosion and rust buildup. Avoid oil based or abrasive cleaning liquids. Focus on the front and rear leg assembly, handlebars, flywheel, leveling, bike knob, chain guard and bolt assembly. Use sanitizers and degreasers where necessary.
  3. Release tension from the spin bike after the workout to allow cumulative moisture to evaporate.
  4. Check the pedals and the pedal mechanism to avoid possible future damage and inherent injuries. A pedal wrench should be employed judicially to detect and avoid cross-threading.
  5. Confirm if the water bottle cages are damaged since some riders tend to force oversized bottles into the cages. This loosens the screws which should consequently be tightened.
  6. A foot-pound torque wrench should be used to maintain and service the crank arm assembly.

Tips & Warnings for Spin Bikes Customers

  1. The spin bike customers should put in consideration the price tag of the spin bike to ensure that it is within their budget.
  2. The customers should compare and contrast various spin bike reviews and ensure that the spin bike is can be adjusted to suit their individual workout session.
  3. It is important to consider the flywheel weight since the heavier it is, the less wobbly the bike will be.
  4. Children under the age of 16 years should best avoid riding spin bikes. The design and overall ergonomics of the bike are configured with an adult rider in mind.
  5. It is imperative that the riders adjust the resistance knob in order to ensure safe and effective braking of the spin bike.
  6. Spin bike riders should never insert objects, hands or their feet into the bikes drive mechanism to avoid unnecessary injuries as a result.
  7. Important cycling movements and hand positions should be established and set at a slow and steady pace. The intensity of the workout or fitness session will be gradually increased in rational increments for an optimal workout.
  8. The maximum carrying weight of the spin bike should not be exceeded to avoid damaging the product and voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.
  9. The flywheel should always have some resistance. The resistance level should be set to suit the rider’s abilities.
  10. Riders are advised to avoid removing their feet from the basket cage when the spin bike mechanism is in motion.
  11. The spin bike rider should ensure that the adjustment knobs are secure. It will not interfere with the overall pedaling motion.
  12. Spin bike riders are advised to wear appropriate riding shoes and should not ride the bike bare-footed.

Spin bike riding can be stressful and energy-consuming if not prepared for in advance. It is best to have all the tools, manuals and prior knowledge of the best spin bikes available at your fingertips. Spin bike riding is enjoyable. Also, highly beneficial to the body and should be treated with utmost consideration.

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